How to become an Irish citizen and get an Irish passport

We get a lot of translation requests for birth certificates, marriage certificates and other personal documents from customers who would like to apply for an Irish passport. If you are a bit lost and do not know where to start, we will guide you through the process with this blog. Unless you are an Irish citizen, you will have to go through the naturalisation process before you can apply for a passport. This means that you cannot simply walk into a passport office to apply for a passport; you will have to become an Irish citizen first, which you can do via the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).


Of course, there are some requirements you will need to meet in order to be considered for citizenship. You can find these conditions on the INIS site. It is important that you meet all the prerequisites, as the application will be cancelled if you do not meet them all. This also means that you will not have your application money refunded. The procedures you will have to follow and the requirements you will have to meet depend on whether you are an adult, a minor, an EU/EEA/Swiss national or a non-EU/EEA/non-Swiss national. If you wish to apply for naturalisation based on marriage or civil partnership with an Irish citizen, you will have to meet different criteria. The same goes for applicants who wish to obtain Irish citizenship through Irish associations, i.e. if you are related to an Irish citizen by blood, or through some other legal connection, such as adoption.


You will also have to pay a fee of €175 for each application. If your application is successful, you will have to pay an additional fee of €950 to receive your certificate of naturalisation. Be prepared, however, to wait at least six months to receive a decision about your naturalisation. You will also have to submit your passport to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, which they will hold for six weeks before returning it. Be aware that even if you meet all the conditions required by law, there is no guarantee your application will be approved. However, if the application is successful you will need to attend the official citizenship ceremony, where you will receive your certificate of naturalisation and information on how to apply for an Irish passport, amongst other things.

Certified translations

As you can see, applying for Irish citizenship can be quite a long and overwhelming process, and it requires some patience. One of the first things you will need as you enter into the application process are certified translations of your birth certificate and, if you wish to apply for citizenship through marriage, your marriage certificate. As a translation agency, we are happy to assist you with these first steps in your application for Irish citizenship. Simply upload your document(s) to our website and we will provide you with a quote.