How to use your foreign qualification to work in Ireland

An increasing number of companies are setting up business in Ireland, leading to an improvement in the economy and providing more and more job opportunities. It is therefore not surprising that the Emerald Isle is rapidly becoming an attractive destination to pursue a career and is drawing workers from all over the world. Life in a foreign country, however, can be quite confusing at the beginning as new rules and regulations need to be learnt. If you have a foreign qualification and would like to work in Ireland, we at TranslateMyCert would like to give you some information about how you can verify how your foreign qualification compares to an Irish one.

Use the NARIC database to find out how your qualification compares to an Irish qualification

You can check how your foreign qualification compares to an Irish qualification at the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) page on the Quality and Qualifications Ireland website. NARIC Ireland aims to provide a comparison between foreign qualifications and Irish qualifications. Currently 985 qualifications from more than seventy countries have been compared and entered into NARIC’s database. You can find your qualification by doing a search based on the country from which you received your qualification and by the type of education you received (e.g. higher education, further education). After you have done this, a list of possible qualifications will appear. Click on the foreign qualification that applies to you. You will receive a “Qualifications Profile” which contains information about how your qualification compares to an Irish qualification. The Qualifications Profile also has a Comparability Statement that you can download. You can print this profile and show it to potential employers or educational institutions so that they can understand how your qualification fits into the Irish qualifications framework. In many cases, this is all you will need to do in order to define your foreign qualification within an Irish educational context. If, however, you cannot find your qualification in the database, you must complete the qualifications query form, which can be found on the same page as the database, and email it to naric@qqi.ie. NARIC will then try to help you find an equivalent to your foreign qualification.

Qualification comparisons for professions such as doctors and teachers

For certain professions like architects, doctors, physiotherapists and teachers, Ireland has its own organisations which regulate the required qualifications. As a result, you will need to contact these institutions to find out how your qualification compares and how to have your qualification recognised in Ireland. A list of these organisations and their contact information can be found at education.ie

How TranslateMyCert can help you

If you plan to work in Ireland and have academic qualifications from a non-English-speaking university, you will have to have your diplomas translated into English. With a fast, efficient and budget-friendly service, our translators at TranslateMyCert are here to help you. All you need to do is upload or send photos of your documentation to TranslateMyCert and we will send you a free quote. We hope that your professional life in Ireland will be successful and rewarding.