Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified translation?

Many authorities, schools, universities, banks and other institutions in Ireland require documents to support applications. Documents that are not in English often need to be translated by a professional, registered translation company who will also certify the translation. This means that they formally declare the translation to be a true and accurate reflection of the original document. As a registered translation company, we can provide this service.

What kind of documents do you translate?

We translate many types of personal documents and certificates, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce papers, as well as diplomas, academic transcripts, driving licenses, vehicle import documents and many other documents.

Why TranslateMyCert?

TranslateMyCert offers super-efficient guaranteed certified translations at a competitive price, that you can order from your PC, smartphone or tablet without leaving your home or your desk.

How does it work?

Simply go to our website at <https://translatemycert.ie> and upload a scanned copy of your document or take a photo from your smartphone. Once we receive your files we will examine them and give you a price and delivery time. From there, you can go to our secure payment page and pay with PayPal or with a debit/credit card. Once the translation is finished, we will send it to you by email and give you the opportunity to review it before we certify it and send it to your home address.

How much does it cost?

That depends on a few things, such as the amount of text to translate, the type of document, whether it’s printed or handwritten, and the language of the document.

How long does it take?

Most one- or two-page documents can be translated in two or three days. If you need it faster, we can also offer an Express service at an additional fee. If you require this, please let us know when you upload the document.

Do you offer sworn translations?

Sworn translations are not used in Ireland except in courts. We can provide affidavits with our certified translations for use in an Irish court. If you need this, or if you need a sworn translation for use in another country, please contact us at info@translatemycert.ie or +353-19011378 to discuss your requirements.